About us

We are glad for this most elevated of industry rating and our service record. We strive to create and keep up long standing associations with our clients, by addressing their needs and surpassing their desires. We will probably give an ideal service today to offer you some assistance with meeting the necessities without bounds.

About International Escrow Services Inc

International Escrow Services Inc is an investment management organization committed to delivering the highest standards of service to each and every one of our clients. By uniting numerous, world-class investment groups in a solitary firm, we're ready to offer particular mastery crosswise over styles and asset classes, all upheld by the quality and assets of one of the world's biggest asset managers. At International Escrow Services Inc, we're devoted to one objective: delivering extraordinary trasnfer service management for all issuers and individuals. This has helped us to wind up as a trusted partner to respective and institutional speculators over the globe.

Today's marketplace is ever progressively intricate, and subsequently, so are the demands of investors. Moreover, public companies face mounting challenges both operationally and monetarily because of the effect of interchanges and innovation.

Our Staff

Our staff has a diverse background and expertise in all aspects of the securities industry and a vast knowledge of computer technology, particularly in the financial arena. International Escrow Services Inc is also staffed by business professionals with extensive experience, not only in transfer agent services, but in a wide array of investment related services.

Through our continuous development of cost-effective, technologically advanced and client-focused services, we show our commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients and their shareholders. We are committed to delivering the highest standard of professional transfer service to each and every one of our clients for achievement of their corporate goals.

Through our years of experience we have created a vast Network of Strategic Partnerships that provide secure records and reports for easy job completion.