International Escrow Services Inc is a global employer in an industry that depends upon strong, resourceful, talented people.

Global Impact

International Escrow Services Inc is one of the leading transfer agent and consulting firm in the country and international, serving leading companies and public-sector organizations on their most important challenges. We have served 140 companies, in sectors as varied as financial services, investment firm, and securities services. We also work with regulators and government sectors internationaly on key priorities, including regulatory compliance services, company registration, and dividend services.

A career with International Escrow Services Inc is an opportunity to work directly with senior leaders, across Southeast Asia, South Asia, North America, and beyond. Shaping the growth and changes of the transfer agent industry, leading corporations and shareholders across the globe.

Email us at and attach your resume detailing your relevant experience and qualifications.

We are looking for

  • Regulatory Affair Representative

    Manage and provide strategic direction to develop and execute regulatory strategies and plans.

  • Paralegal Assistant

    A junior team member under direct supervision, the Assistant Paralegal will assist in case processing (forms, support letters and Firm Correspondence)

  • Escrow Officer

    Experienced resale Escrow Officer/Assistant