Corporate Services

International Escrow Services Inc provides customer-driven approach, that's fixated on technology, integrated solutions and superior client administration.

    Issuer / Corporate

  • Printing Services

    We will be happy to arrange for the printing of all shareholder communications. We print stock certificates in our own office and will assist you with the ordering of your stock certificates. Want a custom certificate? We can arrange to add custom logos or colorful fonts to your certificates.

  • Mailing Services

    You know that frequent communication with your shareholders and the brokerage community is vital to maintain confidence in your company. I.E.S can be that critical link to your shareholders and the brokers. To make sure the word gets out; we will mail shareholder letters, press releases, special meeting notices, proxy statements, annual reports, and any other significant shareholder information.

    We will provide the labels, arrange for the printing, fold, stuff and will apply the postage. We will then deposit all items directly to the post office. We will provide an affidavit of mailing upon request. Should it be necessary, we will have your mailing out within 24 hours. We can handle the broker search, printing, mailing, and proxy tabulations for all your annual and special shareholder meetings.

  • Annual Meeting Services

    We understand the importance of Annual Shareholder meetings and work with our clients to support their meeting preparation needs. I.E.S can help establish a timetable for meeting preparations, prepare and mail broker searches, mail proxy materials, tabulate proxy returns, and assist and input election results.

    As a full service proxy agent, I.E.S can assist you with the following:

    • Assistance with setting timeline/dates for your specific meeting agenda
    • Print quantity assistance
    • Tabulation - online proxy voting offered for registered shareholders
    • Vote updates and solicitation tools available online
    • Report and Certification of Inspector of Election
    • Oath of Inspector of Election
    • Certified registered shareholder list
    • Proxy Detail Report - reflects registered shareholder votes cast
    • Supply notarized mailing affidavit
  • Depository Services

    I.E.S is experienced and efficient in provided multiple depository services to our clients. The following are the services that I.E.S is excited to offer our clients:

    Exchange Agent
    • Provide exchange agent services for any type of reorganization such as name changes, stock splits, mergers, acquisitions, etc.
    • Prepare and mail a letter of transmittal to each shareholder providing a description of the exchange and requesting that old certificates be sent in for new ones.
    • Payout of fractional shares
    Private Placements
    • Transfer Agent and registrar services provided for private companies
    • Issuance of private placement shares
    • Maintenance of shareholder records
    • Shareholder list, mailing labels, and transfer journals
    • Restricted legends placed on issued shares
    Interest Paying Agent
    • Interest payments by check or wire
    • Calculation of interest payment
    Escrow Agent
    • Funds escrow on best efforts offerings, private placements, etc.
    • Escrow of shares
    • Daily or weekly accounting of escrow balances
    • Disbursement of funds or shares upon requirements or termination of escrow
    Tender Agent
    • Send notices of letter of transmittal to shareholders for the tender of shares
    • Payout of fund in exchange for shares
    • Detailed accounting of tendered shares
    • Cancellation of shares tendered
    • Issuance of funds for fractional shares
  • Dividend Services

    I.E.S can meet all of your company’s dividend service needs. Below are examples of services provided:

    • Issue dividend checks to each shareholder of record
    • Dividends mailed on established mailing date with any type of insert
    • Stop payments and lost check replacement
    • Check reconciliation
    • Issuance of stock dividends
  • Escrow Services

    I.E.S acts as escrow agent for:

    • Stock escrows
    • Broker/dealer initiated private placements
    • Company private placements
    • Established outstanding working relationship with brokers/dealers. (References available upon request.)
    • Private Transactions
  • New Share Issuances

    If the Company decides to issue additional shares of securities, it must send an Additional Issuance Request to I.E.S instructing us to issue additional shares. To be included in the Additional Issuance Request are the names of the parties to which the shares are to be issued, the addresses of the shareholders, their respective social security numbers, the balance of the total issuance and delivery instructions. This request needs to be accompanied by minutes of the Board of Directors authorizing the issuance of the additional shares and/or an opinion of counsel.

    Items required for an additional issuance (Restricted)
    • Instruction Letter on Company Letterhead or from Company Counsel
    • Shareholder name
    • Shareholder address
    • Shareholder Social Security number
    • Number of shares
    • Mailing instructions
    • Board minutes OR opinion of counsel
    Items required for an additional issuance (Free-Trading)
    • Instruction letter on company letterhead or from company counsel stating that the shares are to be free trading and reciting under what SEM rule/registration statement
    • Shareholder name
    • Shareholder address
    • Shareholder Social Security number
    • Number of shares
    • Mailing instructions

    **Company can only issue up to 10% of the current outstanding shares as free trading.

  • Paying Agent Services

    Whether buyout or liquidation, I.E.S can act as your paying agent. I.E.S has handled transactions for equity funds in excess of one billion dollars in payouts.

    • Equity Fund Purchase of Platform/Add on Companies
      (References available upon request.)
    • Private to Private-Merger
    • Public into Private on Merger Transaction
    • Company Liquidation to Shareholders
    • Escrow Agent Services
    • Private Placements
    • Established outstanding working
    • Relationship with broker/dealers.
      (References available upon request.)
    • Private Transactions
  • Proxy Services

    I.E.S is pleased to announce the following system enhancements:

    • Online record shareholder proxy voting
    • Online viewing of proxy detail reports
    • Online vote totals
    Monitor Voting Progress
    • View Proxy Detail Report online – indictating how your shareholders are voting
    • Summary of all votes cast by proxy
    Additional Features
    • Submit initial proxy questionnaire
    • Submit interim mailing questionnaire
    • Access recommended time-line for proxy

Other Services


We provide accurate and efficient clearance and settlement of their respective CUSIP applications.


Filing Forms to the SEC OTC Compliance Unit

SEC Rules and Regulations

Provide guidance on SEC Regulatory framework, functions and rules.

Other Services

Other Services and Consultation

International Escrow Services Inc' consultants play a vital role in the international transfer services. They are the major players of this institution and is willing to provide their clients with the most accurate information, fast application process and a positive outcome. Having a rich experience in servicing financial sectors our team of Securities Lawyer understands the type of daily problems clients encounter. Their knowledge of the functions and features of the system allow saving money, time and efforts usually spent on the processing of applications.