Individual Services

International Escrow Services Inc provides customer-driven approach, that's fixated on technology, integrated solutions and superior client administration.


  • Stock Transfer Services

    I.E.S's services include receipt of stock certificates presented for transfer, review of endorsements, check signature guarantees, cancellation of the old certificates and issuance of new certificates as instructed.

    We cancel and issue new stock certificates within 24 hours on routine items.

  • Transfer Procedures

    All transfer transactions are logged, audited for completeness and compliance, and processed according to SEM Rules and Regulations. Shareholder records are updated immediately through I.E.S's software system. Cancelled certificates are stored with the transfer documentation. Transfer reports are generated and also stored with the transfer documentation. New certificates issued in the transfer are sent by insured carrier

  • Warrant Services

    Warrant certificates are handled in the same careful and precise manner as Common Share certificates. During the "exercise" period, we are prepared to receive the properly executed Warrant certificates for exchange to Common share certificates.

  • Record Safety

    All shareholder records are strictly confidential, and are available only to those persons designated by each of our clients. Unissued stock certificates are kept secure and carefully monitored in our locked fireproof safe. Back-up computer disks are stored away from our office in a secure location to guarantee the safety of your shareholders information. In addition, a hard copy is maintained in our office to prevent any changes or alteration.

  • Lost Certificates

    Lost or stolen certificate records are maintained for every stock issuance within I.E.S's software system. Stop Transfers are applied to these certificates (under company directive) and, if presented for transfer, proper notification is sent immediately to appropriate parties. Process "stop transfer" orders on lost or stolen securities. Maintain the file and follow through to conclusion, replacement or recovery. File all forms with the Securities Information Center. In most cases help with obtaining the required bond for replacement.

  • Shareholder Record Maintenance

    Shareholders' verbal inquiries, as well as written, e-mailed, or faxed correspondences, are handled in a timely fashion. Depending on the inquiry, processes will be explained and, if appropriate, information on obtaining required forms for transfer processing will be provided. All correspondence related to specific transfers are logged and replied to within 24-72 hours (as required by the SEM). We will update shareholders addresses, and search for lost shareholders as required in SEM Rule and Regualtions.

  • Shareholders Reports

    I.E.S provides a comprehensive reporting system to supply clients with the information they need to know when they need to know it. Printed reports can be provided either by e-mail, fax or mail -- or, a company can access reports on I.E.S's website with a secure login name and password. We offer shareholders reports, transfer reports, issuance logs, and mailing labels.

  • Reverse Split

    I.E.S provides full stock split processing for either forward or reverse splits (by certificate). This includes the option to round up or down on each fractional share.

  • Operations

    Items required for transfer of stock (Restricted or Free-Trading) From an Individual
    • Original Stock Certificate
    • Stock Power or back of certificate signed with a Medallion Signature Guarantee
    • Letter of instruction
    • Social Security Number or Tax ID
    • Shareholder address

    Please call agent for the fees specific to this transaction.
    **Restricted transfers require company or counsel approval

    Items required for Transfer of stock (Restricted or Free Trading) From a Corporation or partnership
    • Original Stock Certificate
    • Corporate Resolution or Partnership Agreement
    • Letter of instruction
    • Social Security Number or Tax ID
    • Shareholder address

    Please call agent for the fees specific to this transaction.
    **Restricted transfers require company or counsel approval

    Items needed for exchange of certificate (old name for new name, reverse split)
    • Original Stock Certificate
    • Transmittal letter or letter of instruction

    *No need for Medallion Signature Guarantee unless they are transferring the shares

Other Services


We provide accurate and efficient clearance and settlement of their respective CUSIP applications.


Filing Forms to the SEC OTC Compliance Unit

SEC Rules and Regulations

Provide guidance on SEC Regulatory framework, functions and rules.

Other Services

Other Services and Consultation

International Escrow Services Inc' consultants play a vital role in the international transfer services. They are the major players of this institution and is willing to provide their clients with the most accurate information, fast application process and a positive outcome. Having a rich experience in servicing financial sectors our team of Securities Lawyer understands the type of daily problems clients encounter. Their knowledge of the functions and features of the system allow saving money, time and efforts usually spent on the processing of applications.